Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

Arthur Penn


I noticed that i was fallen in this film when i was watching this. The plot was really exciting and it was really ……..uh… fun. I couldn’t watch the very beginning of this film because i was late, but i could understand what was going on. I loved several scenes which make me to keep thinking of those.

First, i loved how the main characters get the colleagues by the time goes on. At first, only two of them tried robbed the bank, and they get the guy who fix the cars, and the Clyde’s brother, and his wife. At last, they all fight with the cops and do the crimes. I loved their communications, and the lives. I hoped they to be together all the time.


Another thing that i liked was that the humors or the jokes which they said. Even though they had a dangerous events, they become more excited after that. There were many scenes about fighting between bonnie and clyde, but they become just normal as before.


The last one is the last scene. I was really sad when Clyde’s brother dead, and now they were willing to die. I hoped to them to escape from there but they just died. And they didn’t die by one shot. They had lots of shots on their bodies, and died. I was curious that why did the director showed all of the shots when they died. I might recognize that they are dead by one shots on their body. However, the director didn’t.

In this film, i think all of the scenes were important, and these scenes made such a really nice work. I hope i can watch this kind of film much more in my life.










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