Meshes of the Afternoon

Meshes of the Afternoon

Maya Deren


Not like today’s movies, which are 2hours long, this movie is just 13m 29s, and i felt a lot by this film. This film’s main theme is DREAM. At first, i wasn’t sure (still im not sure) what author was trying to say through this film.  What i understand is that a really little thing or happen can be a really big event in individual’s thoughts. For example, in the beginning of the film, after she followed a mistery black girl, she went in to the room and act something. This shots were repeated again and again by some different events, and these made a girl die.




After i get home on friday, i watched this film again and again , i learned something little by little.

The scene that i liked in this film was that scenes that a girl run with the knives through sleeping girl, and the background changed step by step. I watched this shots several times, and i wondered why did the director keep change the background? and im still wondering… i dont know the answer.. I will study more…

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