Early Summer by Yasujiro Ozu

First, i was glad that we can watch Asian movie in American class.
It was first time that i watch Asian women or men in our class(not in class but anyways..) who were so familiar to me. I was happy….ok..

I think this film was all about decisions. Will Noriko marry?, will Yabe’s wife follow his son to go to country? or even will Mamiya buy the cake?.. In this film, there were a lot of decisions. Even though those decisions didn’t cause death, it does cause life’s tiredness or a sense of fatigue.

This film had many episodes, and at the some shots, there were weird silences. When the daughter should go marry, when the friends didn’t come to his house, when the kids went out from the house. I felt that the author showed these silences to show feeling of worried and affirmations at the same time. For examples, when the kids went out, the author showed the silences, and it means(to me) that he’s worrying about them but he is also thinking that they will come back. He’s rejecting the real happenings.

I┬áthink Ozu wanted to say that deciding is what we should take in our lives and we should have responsible to that. This films shows the society of Japan and how they behaved at the past by deciding in lives. I felt the humility in this film and it was really interesting because Japan is just next to my country and had many conflicts with them.. I learned how they lived in the past, and it was funny to compared with my countries…

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