Umberto D.

Umberto D.
Vittorio De Sica

Umberto was an honest and clean and retired civil servants. He got fixed income to pay the rent and some foods but he gets really low. He will kicked out from his house eventhough he was old and kind with his dog, flike.

 I had some events that keep recalling in my mind.


First one was when the worker on a house, who was pregnant,and was crying and working . I didn’t know why she were crying when she saw the cat on the roof at first. On a morning, she started to work. To me, it seemed that she were adjust to those life. When she were scratching the match to the wall and drawing white lines, I felt really sad. She was really young, and she had dreams for better life but she were working on a house to earn money. And she will be kicked out when the owner knew that she wass pregnant. After I see these, I knew why she were crying when she saw the cat. I think she was envious of cat that it is living whatever it wants which means that the cat had freedom.


Second one is when he lost his dog, flike.  He was poor, no family, but I think he could live because of flike. We could see how important his dog to him. After he lost his dog, he went to slaughterhouse(?), and saw a lot of dogs are going to die and He was frightened. When he finally found flike, even i was so happy that flike was alive. 


Last one is last scene of this film and last shot of this film. After he decided not to die and went to flike. He persuaded flike to play with him and finally flike went to him to play. The camera was staying and shooting both and Umberto and flike was going away playing and the film ends. When I saw this shot, I felt somewhat sad and happy at the same time. I was happy because he get returned flike again and he didn’t die. And I was sad because nothing was resolved. I couldn’t imagine how hard life he will get. He had no money, food, nothing except the dog. This scene was the most memorable scene in this film to me.

 This film shows the reality of this world. No miracles, helps happened. Nothing was resolved and the film ends. It wasn’t happy ending and also bad ending. I think the author is really smart…. I keep thinking about this film again and again… Anyways I suggest this movie was awesome.

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